Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifts and Cell Phones

Ace's gift is sitting in our living room (on a tray table) wrapped and waiting for him to open Wednesday at midnight (it's as long as I feel I can be able to tell him he can't open it). He already knows what his gift is (he was there when it was bought). He keeps teasing me about trying to let him open earlier than that, but I'm not budging (he can wait until then). He seriously doesn't mind waiting that long, even though he would like to have it already.

On a somewhat related note, while I don't know what this surprise he's got planned for me is (I'm still waiting), he is also planning on getting me a new cell phone soon (in a week, at the latest). I'm getting a new phone with a new phone number and a new service provider. I'm excited. Ace has thought about getting me the new phone Tuesday. He even teased that if I get the phone then, than he should get his present Tuesday too, but he wasn't serious. I teased back that he could hold on to my new phone until midnight, if that was going to be the arrangement.

I love Christmas, and I am so looking forward to spending the next few weeks celebrating it (Wednesday night with Ace, Thursday at lunch with his family, and the following Monday or Tuesday with my family). And, to make the whole thing more exciting, I'm not stressing out over all this like I was at Thanksgiving (I am seriously relaxed now that I'm done with all the shopping, which is so cool).

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