Friday, December 19, 2008

Sex Heals

Yesterday (around 2 am), Ace and I had a rather serious talk. We made some decisions about spending time together and what things should cue what behaviors (when he gets home, I turn off the TV, push away my laptop, and get ready to spend time with him for at least 30 minutes). And while this was important, it was hard emotionally (yesterday, just about everything was hard emotionally).

Earlier (a few hours ago), Ace and I had sex. And I feel like our marriage has healed because of it. I feel much better with where we are now than I did 24 hours ago (we weren't mad or upset, I was just still feeling a little emotional).

In fact, I was able to tease Ace that if he did what he was planning on, I may not be able to speak English, which would make Christmas more interesting. He teased me back about trying to explain my lack of English to my father and pointing out that his family already thinks I'm kind of weird (partly because they think he is weird). Nicely, my ability to speak English has not been hampered in any way.

So, sometimes in a marriage, sex heals.

And it feels oh so good when that happens.


P.S.: Jenna, I'm taking the other advice you gave me. I'm sure it will help a lot. Thanks.
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