Sunday, December 28, 2008

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love?

I've had my new phone for less than 2 hours, and already I love it. It's a Samsung Messenger and it rocks! It slides to the side for texting (and it made moving all my contacts over a breeze).

Plus, it gets great reception inside my house, which was the only potential problem (other than possibly not getting reception all the way to my dad's house, but we have an idea for a prepaid phone with someone we know will have coverage if it is an issue).

Seriously, less than 2 hours, and I love this phone. And I'm loving the unlimited texting (I've only sent 2 texts so far, but I'm sure I'll be telling Ace more stuff throughout his work day, now that I can send him messages).

And, in roughly a week, I'll only have one cell phone again (our old contract ends on roughly the 2nd of January, it will probably take us a few more days to end the service on my phone, and a little longer to end the service on Ace's phone).

Well, I should probably go start work on those cookies for my dad, but I just had to come and gush some about my new phone.


P.S.: Ace's surprise fell through. He was trying to arrange for my sister to come tomorrow and work with me on making those cookies. Best attempted gift ever. The phone is one of the best gifts ever... now if only we can do well with the baby-making wish.
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