Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cold Fronts (and Warm Hearts)

The weather in OK is never dull. I take that back, there are plenty of days where it is nice. The weather from October through December is never dull. It's like all the air systems that meet here can't decide what temperature it should be (most years, it just gradually gets colder and that's it, but that's boring to talk about).

On the 8th, it was in the 50s. On the 9th, the temperature dropped all day (with a huge wind chill). It's currently in the 20s (of course, it will warm up when the sun comes up) and feels like it's in the teens. It's COLD here. (Thursday, it's supposed to be back up to the 50s again.)

In a strange contrast, I've been tearing up at almost all the Christmas specials (there's a connection coming). While I've been wanting to stay under blankets to keep my body warm, my heart has been reminding me how warm it already is (see, I connected them). Of course, I'm also looking at some of these shows with a new set of eyes. There are some that I've decided won't be watched again (why were all the adults in Rudolph so rude?), some that I decided once was enough (Cranberry Christmas, if you've seen it you can probably figure out why), and some that I'm keeping to watch again (even if it made me tear up).

'Tis the season of contrasts, I guess. But I am missing the warmth of a few months ago.

Well, I'm going to go. If I add any more, I'll run into being random, and I'm trying to stop being quite so random in every post.


PS: If you're wondering, still nauseous at times, still waiting to take a pregnancy test (there are rules in this house about when test are allowed to be taken).
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