Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus Is Comming To Town

I listened to the lyrics of the title song and thought about them for the first time ever.

Why does Santa care if I cry? If me crying is going to be what makes or breaks me getting a gift, he can keep his gift (I'll refrain from telling him and you where he can put it).

Does he only care if it's a temper tantrum type fit? If so, then cool. If not, then he needs to re-evaluate how he plans to distribute gifts to this house, because I've cried at most of the Christmas shows I've watched (and I refuse to stop watching them, because they are happy tears).

Ace agreed with me, shortly before he fell back asleep (he falls asleep quickly and can sleep almost any where, I wish I could do either of those). If the gift is dependent on not crying, this house isn't interested.

After all, a girl (or guy) should be able to cry if she (or he) needs to.

And that is my over thinking of Christmas carol. Come back soon to see what else I over think.

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