Monday, April 7, 2008

And It Only Took a Week!

Guess what we've got. Come on guess.

Okay, I can't wait for you to guess, because I'm too excited (I can barely type). We got ourselves a second car! It's a maroon Taurus with just over 65500 miles on it. It's beautiful and should last us a while. It was the car we were waiting to find out about and thought had been sold, but hadn't.

So, if you're in Tulsa, go to Dean Bailey for used cars. All the cars look good (no dents, scratches, etc.). You can buy a warranty for the car. And they don't pressure you for a sale (the guy who sold us this car, which has yet to be named, didn't get a commission on it so that we could buy it at a price we could afford).

So, I'm going to try to figure out what to call my new (to me) car (I call it mine because we intend for me to be the one doing most of the driving of it). Our mechanic looked impressed with our find, which is a good sign that it shouldn't need any work for a while. Pretty good for a car that's over 10 years old.

And now, I'm going to go back to enjoying what I'm watching.

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