Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Look at Spam

Today, I'm going to take you through a look at my spam. Because there are apparently a lot of people I've never met who are extremely concerned about me.

1. Clean out your colon - If I believe the subject line of these e-mails (based on frequency), I have a very dirty colon. I'm not sure what it's been doing without my knowledge, but I supposedly have things all blocked up (or at least it's not all coming out).

2. I need to get out of debt - Okay, this one is true, but there are better was than by using something sent to me when I haven't requested any information from them.

3. I want a job as a (fill in the blank) - Um, no I don't. If things go like they are looking like they will go, I'll be able to be a housewife again quickly and out of debt within the year (which takes care of #2).

4. Someone in Africa wants me to have a lot of money - Despite what I've been lead to believe by reputable sources, Africa is really full of rich, recently-deceased men who want to rain their money down on me. If only I didn't know that this is a scam.

5. I want free electronics - Okay, this one is true too, but I doubt that these unsolicited e-mails are going to do any more for me than the get out of debt ones.

6. I want free gift cards to (fill in the blank) - Since these always seem to generate even more spam, I doubt it. And I don't think I'd actually get the gift card either.

And there you have a brief look at my spam.

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