Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love Is...

Love is touching someone else's dirty socks. At least it is for me. Dirty socks gross me out. So, the fact that I'm willing to touch his socks at all is a true testament to how much I love him.

Love is cooking meals for each other. Ace does this for me all the time. I know he doesn't always want to cook for me, but he does. I do, on rare occasion, cook for him too. But that doesn't happen often, mainly because I taught him how to cook so that I wouldn't have to.

Love is adjusting your schedule to accommodate each other. I would really like to do things at one time, but usually that can't happen (that should be less of a problem now that we have 2 cars, but we'll see). Since my schedule is looser, I'm usually changing it for Ace. But we both are willing to adjust what we're doing for the other one.

This is what I have so far. I'm sure I'll add more statements of what love is as different things happen in my life. If you want to share what love is to you, leave a comment. It may get used sometime in the future for another Love is...

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