Sunday, April 13, 2008

Visiting My Sister

Today, I did something I haven't done before. I got together with my sister for a few hours. We sat in an IHOP for a couple of hours and talked (Ace and I ate, she had coffee). We tried to find things to talk about besides our parents, which was only slightly awkward. It was nice, mostly just to be around her. Maybe the next time we get together we should have some activity to keep us slightly busy. Something to distract us so we can focus on that when we aren't talking.

I know we both miss the other one when we're apart, but we aren't sure what to say when we're together. I guess that's normal for siblings who are as far apart in age as we are. It just feels odd and awkward.

She did have a suggestion on what hair-dye I should get to dye my hair red. We bought a box, and after I finish with my current temp job (8 more days!), I'll try it out.

I should be feeling sexy again by then (I started my period today, so I'm not feeling the least bit attractive right now). Right now, I'm fairly satisfied with how today went, even if it was awkward at times, because it's a good start. And my sister knows that she's welcome (invited even) to visit whenever she can.

I'll keep you updated with how that goes.

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