Thursday, April 17, 2008

And Then Things Got Better

Plus, a bonus weird piece of mail I got today.

I spent an hour with Ace and now I'm feeling less stressed. It's been a busy week and we haven't had much time to just be alone together with nothing else to do. We're going to try to spend an hour (or more!) together again tomorrow.

In my snail mail today, I got an offer for something I certainly don't need. It was an offer to make my pen*s longer. As I don't have one, it was certainly ridiculous. And Ace doesn't need it. Of course, that reminded me of one set of spam I forgot to mention earlier. The spam offering me pen*s enhancers or imp*tence drugs. As a woman, I find that spam the most curious of all, because it is offering me something completely useless to me.

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