Friday, April 4, 2008

Can Someone Lower the Stress in My Body Please

Today, Ace ended up dragging me to the second half of today's training. And now I'm feeling slightly stressed about whether or not I should go tomorrow. Oddly, all that stress is coming from me at this point.

It didn't help that today I broke out bawling twice because I wasn't sure what kind of shirt to wear. Yeah, I'm not sure why I was so emotionally involved in shirt choices. I'm blaming my hormones. And the fact that I was expecting to get all weekend off and suddenly I was being asked to do something I wasn't wanting to.

I'd rather stay home the rest of the weekend. Ace would rather I go. And so, I'm feeling stressed about whether to make him happy or to make me happy.

I'm so not excited right now. In fact, I'm rather tired. So, I'm going to go and relax.

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