Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Okay, so I voted. And I feel good that I did go make my voice heard.

Does this mean I can stop hearing about the election now?

I'd say that it took us an hour to vote, but that would be lying. Ace and I got up at 1 (pm) to go vote. We took about 30 minutes to get dressed (Ace kept playing with the dog, and I kept trying to wake up enough to be effective at performing my civil duty). Then, we went by McDonald's (is this supposed to be a possessive use here?) to get something in me (a vanilla shake and a few fries that seemed entirely too greasy so I stopped eating them).

Then, about 1:35 or 1:40 (I didn't keep track of the time), we made it to the polling place and got in line behind some other people. I noticed a possible need to go to a different polling place, but I was just not reading the map right. We signed in, got our ballots, and went off to vote.

I finished quickly (well, more quickly than Ace) and we were on our way back home by 2.

It helps that we could go vote after the lunch rush (if there is one at our polling place) and before the evening rush (which I'm somewhat sure they do have). Instead, there were enough people there to use all the individual voting booths (which, sadly, have no curtains here), but not so many that there was any wait (by anyone) to vote.

And now, I get to relax until we go out to dinner with my brother-in-law, Ace's sister-in-law (whom I like, a lot), and our niece. We're finally celebrating our niece's birthday with her (she had her party and then they went out of town for a little while, and then it's just been a planning thing). Hopefully, we'll go somewhere more kid oriented (like Chuck E. Cheese or Incredible Pizza) so it will be easier to keep it focused on our niece (who loves being the center of attention).

So, I'm going to do that relaxing now.

But, I did go vote (and no, I won't tell you who for, because I'm avoiding having any kind of controversy happening here, since controversy happens too often in my real life).
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