Monday, November 17, 2008

Inspirational Movies

I started to write about my shoulder and all the stuff that I'm tired of talking about, and it hit me that I need to focus on something else. So, I decided to write about movies that I find inspirational.

1. Remember the Titans - a story about football that is really about not judging people based on their skin color (or anything else). It's about a group of boys who learn to become men, at least most of them do. And it's a good lesson for today even.

2. Serenity - a story about doing the right thing, even when it costs. It's about not giving up just because the other side has more power and more people. It about the fact that sometimes the truth is more important than the life of the individual. And sometimes, the government is wrong and doesn't want to admit it.

3. The Rookie - a story about making your dreams come true. And not giving up just because you think you've passed your dreams by. Pursue you dreams because they will not just be handed to you.

4. Major League: Back to the Minors - okay, I know that there are a lot of sports movies on here, but sports movies are rather inspiring. A story about pushing yourself to greatness and not giving up until you get there. And that you can learn something from anyone.

Well, this is where I'm left for now. These are movies that inspire me. What movies inspire you?
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