Friday, November 28, 2008

Sleep Isn't (Just) For the Weak

People, I fought my body to stay awake for most of Thanksgiving. I had 2 hours of sleep, and put caffeine and vitamins in my system to help me stay awake.

I made it (somewhat barely) through dinner at my in-laws house (2 and 1/2 hours there, the first hour of which was waiting for dinner to be ready). I was fighting to stay awake pretty much the whole time (with diminishing caffeine and weakening will power to actually stay upright until I got back home).

Shortly after getting home, I was laying down and fell asleep within, I'm guessing, 20 minutes (I normally take AT LEAST 30 minutes to fall asleep). I woke up after roughly 2 hours and lurched my way into the bathroom, requested a drink from Ace, and then returned to bed for another hour of sleep.

When I woke up again, I felt much better sleep wise (not feeling like I needed to just go straight back to sleep again). And, I finally found my apatite (after smelling turkey and ham for most of the previous 24 hours, I'm not surprised that I was hungry, I was just surprised that it took so long to get hungry).

Now that I've eaten and slept, I feel much more human. And less likely to fall over any minute now from exhaustion. I'm not expecting to stay awake to the time I normally go to sleep, but I should be able to move back to my normal sleeping habits by tomorrow.

And maybe tomorrow, I'll discuss various points of my different Thanksgiving dining experiences. Today, I'm not up for it. I'm still reminding myself that I don't have anything I have to do other than catch back up on some sleep and relax.

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