Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doors and One Other Issue

Ace almost always opens doors for me. I say almost because there are a few, rare times when I must open my own door. If we are done with our grocery shopping, I get my own door while he puts the food in the trunk. If Guillermo is going somewhere with us, I normally get my own door, because it's easier to let Ace concentrate on the dog. If I deem it too cold to wait, I get my own door. Otherwise, Ace gets the doors for me. And it's gotten to where I'll wait at doors when he isn't with me (if there are other people around) for some other male to open the door for me (although, I will get my own door if they ignore me, because I have things that are more important to me than waiting on someone to show some good manners).

I am quite capable, even with a healing shoulder (which is feeling much better today, thanks for caring), to open my own doors. I just see it as a sign of respect for me that I don't have to open my own doors when I am not alone. I will open doors and hold them for other women, especially those with strollers or children. But I don't understand why some men refuse to hold open doors for women. Is this a women's lib thing?

When I started my degree, I was going to a Christian university. The only building on campus where I regularly had the door opened for me was "the Bible building" (the building where all the Bible classes are, which probably reminded all the males that holding open the doors for the females was the polite thing to do). I would, in fact, have people walking in front of me (by a few steps) who wouldn't bother holding the door open long enough for me to grab it before it swung shut in the other buildings. It was something I couldn't understand (and I guess I still can't).

I am a capable person. I have no problems opening my own doors. But, I do appreciate it greatly when the door is held open for me. I am constantly telling Ace thank you when he holds doors. I probably confuse a few people when there are double doors and I stop in between them (I am waiting on Ace to open the next door for me, usually). And normally, there is a thank you given for each door. In fact, I've made it just as much a habit to appreciate the door holding as I have waiting on the door to be held. In fact, I enjoy showing my appreciation just as much as I enjoy not having to open my own door. It thrills me that my husband wants to be a gentleman and open the door for me, and I'm fairly sure it helps him keep that habit hearing me say a simple thank you.

On the subject of manners, I was reminded the other day that I should show some at restaurants when I go out to eat. I should say please and thank you. I don't always do this (I don't think, I don't go to sit-down restaurants much, normally Ace and I go through the drive-thru), and I should. Because dealing with the public is hard. And a little appreciation goes a long way. So, I'm going to work on this (I am not rude to the wait-staff, I just don't normally think to say please and thank you) so that when I have children and we go out to eat, I am a good example of how they should act.

Well, I'm going to go. I've got a comfortable bed and I want to stretch out on it.

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