Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If I Hear...

If I hear one more person around me act like they are surprised I think that kids are a blessing, I may scream.

Hear me out before you decide I am insane.

Ace and I are trying (TRYING) to grow this little family of ours. We want me to get pregnant. We want children (ok, we want to start with child, but we eventually want children). I, personally, think that children are a blessing to your life and help you see the world around you in a new and different way.

I understand that with children there are days you want to give them away (for a few hours). I understand that newborns don't do much (BUT they don't stay newborns forever). I know that babies don't poop roses. I know all of this mostly because my siblings are so much younger than I am. Basically, if you want to tell me some of the bad things associated with kids, I KNOW.

BUT that doesn't matter to me, because I also know all the good stuff. All the excitement from seeing them learn something new. All the time spent imagining and playing games and exploring the world. All the dress up and excitement to see family because they want to share what they've done lately. All the kisses, hugs, and "I love you"s.

And, I for one, am willing to put up with the hard, bad days to get all the good ones.

So please, stop acting like my views on children are ridiculous and will change when I've got a baby in my arms. Because I'm looking at a bigger picture than the day to day.

Plus, I'd rather not scream.
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