Sunday, November 16, 2008


For the sake of being honest (and to have something to talk about) I will reveal something I had been keeping to myself for a while. I don't shave my legs everyday or even every other day. I'm somewhat lazy about shaving (and Ace doesn't care), so I shave about once a week.


Well, I let myself slide on that for a few weeks before my massage (because I just didn't care). And then, I had issues with my shoulder for just over a week (it's almost fully functional now). So, when I got in the tub tonight, you don't really want to imagine what my legs looked like (I wish I could forget).

But now, they are smooth and I feel 100% better just for having gotten in the tub and shaving. And I don't know what made me wait so long before my massage (There was a comment, likening me to Chewbacca but my legs weren't quite that bad.). I do know what kept me from shaving afterward, but since I'm feeling so much better (without the aid of pain killers, muscle relaxant, or improvised slings) I knew that I couldn't wait any longer. Plus, I was feeling rather disgusted with myself.

Now I'm trying to push these good feelings down inside me to get me to keep up the shaving. Because, come on! Who can't do something so basic once a week?

And now you know way more about my grooming habits than you probably wanted to (at least I didn't mention anything else I may or may not have shaved).

And now I must go, for I have to try to figure out when Ace needs to be off work for the next year.

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