Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Sore Shoulder

Way back at the end of June, Guillermo dislocated my right shoulder (it's about half his fault and half mine, and unfortunately for me I'm right handed and that hasn't helped matters any since I have problems just not using my main arm) when trying to go sniff a dog he's sniffed before. It's healed for the most part, but I still have to be careful about resting my weight on that side.

Either the massage (and the stretching done within the massage) or my night's sleep earlier seems to have popped my shoulder back out of place (and after my chiropractor was nice enough to ensure it was back properly not too long after the original dislocation). I relaxed my arm earlier and after a loud pop, my shoulder started feeling better and is allowing me to pick up things that are heavier than an empty Styrofoam plate (don't lecture, I'm just mentioning it to show you how bad my shoulder was).

It has meant that Ace gets to do the laundry when he gets home (yay for him!). On the plus side, he knew that it was possible that I would still be too sore from the massage to actually do laundry myself (I doubt either of us thought that I could have problems with my shoulder like I seem to have though).

It's still not wanting me do much of anything with it (like rest the slightest bit of my weight on it when I try to sit more upright and lean forward some). So, I'll have to be more gentle with myself over the next few days and let my shoulder heal up, again, while hoping that I'll do better at keeping myself from straining it while it's already unhappy.

But, it does give me a good change to work on relaxing more (if only I didn't need to shave my legs so badly, I wouldn't care at all, but...). And that is a good thing to come out of this whole experience. And maybe I'll get a little better at doing things with my left hand.

I've got to go, because typing is starting to hurt.


P.S.: The ouch from yesterday still stands.
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