Monday, November 24, 2008

Mentally Preparing

Tuesday, Ace and I are going to visit my dad for Thanksgiving. We won't get to spend all day Thursday there (Ace has told his family we would eat with them that evening, which means coming back home mid-day). I'm hoping we get to stay long enough to eat (we should, but I'm still hoping). I'm also hoping that dinner with his family will go smoothly (and that they will not say anything to me about me working, as it isn't any of their business).

So, I'm thinking right now about what all we need to do before we go (a couple of loads of dishes, pack, find someone to come by and feed Guillermo, figure out when we'll go grocery shopping for perishables) and wishing that Ace was off early tonight so that we could talk about this. Instead, I'm spending the time he's at work mentally making lists, figuring out what I want to wear Tuesday-Thursday, and trying not to get myself stressed while preparing for a long day Thursday.

Despite how stressful I just made all this sound, I am really looking forward to seeing my dad and step-mom again. And my sister and I are trying to figure something out for her to come up here to visit and let me meet her boyfriend, which I am also somewhat excited about. And I'm trying to focus on those things, because they help me calm down (the Christmas music isn't doing enough to calm me down).

On the plus side, Ace called, and he is willing to get most everything packed tonight and has some good ideas for who is nearby who could feed the dog.

And now I must go, for Ace is home and we are now going to do somethings to lessen my stress level greatly.

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