Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Bribe

Ace is thinking of offering me a bribe to get up when he goes to work (I'm not quite sure why he cares, but he does). His bribe is a bath, ready for me to relax in.

My thoughts, besides "Yay, a bath everyday that I don't have to run!", is that this could blow up in his face. I could be so relaxed after my bath that I go back to bed and sleep for a while.

But, we'll see if this even gets off the ground. He goes back to work Friday, I'll find out then if he is actually going to remember to run the bath.

So, for now, I will enjoy "my bath at a convenient time" for his days off right now. And I'll adjust life as I need to Friday, depending on what Ace does. And I'm fine with that.

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