Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Verdict On My Shoulder Is...

Spasming muscle. Apparently (a word I'm very fond of), the massage which relaxed a lot of muscles from being all tense and up tight (I try to get them to party, but do they listen to me?) got this one muscle to spasm when it's not being supported.

So Ace has been trying to be patient and caring (it's not his fault that he wasn't able to play World of Warcraft for much of the day and that got him frustrated with catering to my, usually, simple demands/suggestions). He's doing really well, he only expressed frustration once (I tried to get his attention at an inopportune time and he has since apologized for snapping).

So, all I can do is take pain reliever, my natural muscle relaxants, use an improvised sling, and wait.

Can I be done waiting now, please? Ace and I would both very much appreciate it.

In other, non-shoulder news, I can't tell if I'm about to start my period, I'm pregnant, or my body is all out of whack because of my shoulder. And that is making me slightly cranky (a situation compounded by a sore shoulder).

Be glad you weren't in my house during all this insanity.


P.S.: World of Warcraft is back up now, so Ace is A LOT calmer again. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I've left him alone for a while. But I do think it's about time for some more juice.
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