Saturday, November 29, 2008

What I Learned/Things That Happened During the Week of Thanksgiving '08

Today, you get a short list of things that happened or things I learned this week.

1. My step-mother's sister-in-law (who is only about 5 years older than me) has decided that I should call her aunt even though I didn't meet her until after I was 18 (I'm not going to do it, because I don't know her well enough and I haven't known her long enough to even really contemplate this idea).

2. This same woman found it surprising when I said the word @$$ while we were playing Uno (I was loosing, badly). She jokingly threatened to tell my dad, but I pointed out he was standing right there and obviously heard it and didn't care. Then she threatened to tell Ace (what she thought he would do is beyond me). When he came out, she informed him. Ace mentioned that he overheard and didn't care.

3. Guillermo is not to be trusted with his food (he'll eat until he's full and leave nothing for later) and he strongly missed us when we were gone. He tries to come with us each time we go somewhere now and he spent quite a bit of time as close to us (mostly Ace) as he could get (he apparently laid down on Ace's socks to feel close to him).

4. Our love seat currently stinks a lot. It smells like a combination of dog sweat and man sweat. It is not attractive. Ace has promised to Fabreeze it later, and I'm not sitting there again until it no longer stinks so much.

5. Ace's grandmother doesn't remember most of her family at this point (she kind of remembers she has sons, but doesn't remember who they are). She still eats all the chocolate she can get her hands on (Ace had to hide anything with chocolate on it while we were at his parent's house).

6. My stepmother got one card in the mail for her birthday. It was from us.

7. While my dad goes to sleep quickly, he wakes up at every sound at night. I got reminded that he normally sleeps in a chair in the living room most nights.

8. I really need to remember not to reach very far with my right arm right now. And I should not keep pushing myself just because I'm having fun and it's habit.

9. Ace is the best husband in the world as evidenced by the fact that he doesn't say "I told you so" when I am in pain because I didn't take his advice (and he didn't give it early enough) and now have a sore shoulder.

10. Ace is also the best husband in the world because he gave up about 2 hours sleep to try to get me out of pain and let me get some more sleep, and didn't complain once about it (he was tempted to give a dirty look to my "aunt" when she commented on when he finally got up, but didn't as he figured she probably didn't know why he slept as late as he did). He got about 6 hours of disjointed sleep Wed. night/Thurs. morning (which beat my 2 to 3)

11. And, if all that wasn't enough of Ace, he did the laundry when we got home so that I wouldn't have to.

12. He took off Friday, partly to get back on a good sleep schedule, but partly so that he could help me find my warranty on my ring so we could get it inspected before the month ended (we did, and don't have to think about it for 6 months).

13. A full-sized bed isn't big enough for two people who are used to sleeping on a queen-sized bed. Especially if one of them (me) can't really sleep very well if someone is touching them.

14. Ace's father has not gotten any less nosy since I last saw him. His uncle is cool and someone I would like to spend more time with sometime, if possible, maybe.

15. Smoked turkey (even when it's a little dried out) tastes better than oven roasted (especially when it's a little dried out).

This is probably about the tip of the iceberg of things I learned or things that happened over the past week (actually, it's from Wed. night to Fri. evening, so not really all that long).

So, when I tell you that I'm still a little tired from my odd trip to see my dad, you'll believe me completely.
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